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Locstatt is a holistic Real-Time Data Integration System for Owner Operator and Contractor health, safety, environmental and security systems (HSSE). Locstatt provides verification of HSSE implementation with resultant data interpretation for focused proactive management.

What is Locstatt?

Locstatt uses web and mobile technology to harvest on-site HSSE data. This means that Locstatt goes a step beyond HSSE data management and gives you the necessary leading indicators you need to make the right decisions for optimized rig, plant or industrial process safety.

With Locstatt, owners / operators and contractors have the ability to setup their company's administration exactly the way they currently organize their business. Companies build the backbone of their line of work, transactions, and processes.

They can:

  1. Create departments and job positions.
  2. Register employees.
  3. Input training records and requirements.
  4. Build their own JSA’s.
  5. Audit checklists & Vehicle Inspections.
  6. Hazard Hunts.
  7. Incident Investigations.
  8. HSE Meetings.
  9. BBs Observations.
  10. JSA meetings and Verifications.
  11. Lessons Learned / NCR.
  12. Facility Logbook entries.
  13. Contractor Performance Evaluations.

New Features

What is Your Locstatt?

(December 2018)

Checkout this new Safety Performance Measurement feature.

Establishing expectations or goals for each of your Locstatt safety elements can have a measureable impact on the safety program and on the company as a whole. Once the goals are set you will be able to see live progress on the desired outcomes for each element.

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Vehicle Inspection Tracking

(February 2017)

Locstatt’s Audit and Inspection Application has always set the industry standard for company customization, simplicity of use on the worksite and powerful reporting and data compression for proactive safety management.
Well this program now has a new vehicle management system application to handle company specific plate numbers for detailed reporting, dashboards and maintenance tracking.

The Contractor Performance Overview

(August 2016)

Are your monthly safety reports time consuming to assemble? Imagine with one click being able to see your entire company’s Incidents, Audits / Inspections, BBS, Safety Meetings, JSA’s, JSA Verifications, Training Compliance, Lessons Learned / Non-Conformances and Facility Log Books. All of this with detail right down to the facility and location level.
Hard to imagine right!

What Others Say

"I love what the team has done with the Hazard Hunt photo gallery. It is brilliant that I can upload all the photos from the hazard hunt into a gallery, and then select which pictures correspond to the description!

It is so much faster, and easier than before. Great job!"


Rig OE Advisor / Chevron

"LOCSTATT has changed not only the way safety professionals respond to leading indicators, but the way we monitor them.

Just two years ago leading indicators were weeks or months old, LOCSTATT has been able to change the way companies collect, analyze and respond to leading and lagging indicators. Never again will I wonder who is participating in or being a champion of our safety programs. Capturing leading indicators in real-time has changed the way we respond.

Now issues are recognized and trends are established in real-time, providing the safety professional with critical decision-making data at its most crucial time - not weeks or months after a project or trend has passed."


Director of Health, Safety & Environment
Industrial Contracting Company

We need this information that Locstatt provides. It allows us to share and track safety related issues, and the information is available across multiple facilities, which reduces duplication of time and effort.

In addition, significant cost savings are realized as we can see the whole picture and focus our resources on targeting corrective actions where they are needed, as opposed to spending money indiscriminately.


EHS Director

"Our gratitude for your efforts in 2015 and Season’s Greetings to all the staff. We have had a challenging year and the Locstatt support have provided an outstanding service."


OE Performance / HES Team Lead / Chevron

Locstatt is a great system that I have been working with for several years now. The customization is a great add-on for tailoring the system to your needs and the aggregation of data and compression make evaluation of your systems a breeze.


Director of HSE - Industrial Contracting Company

"What the Future looks like….Locstatt collects data from daily activities. The integration of this data provides HES and work activity trends, as well as real time observations of operational compliance and performance. The data has great value.

Raising awareness of who, what, why & how things are happening or not, is the first step in making improvements."


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