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What is Locstatt?

Locstatt uses web and mobile technology to harvest on-site HSSE data. This means that Locstatt goes a step beyond HSSE data management and gives you the necessary leading indicators you need to make the right decisions for optimized rig, plant or industrial process safety.

For Example, operators and contractors can now:

  • Seamlessly share HSSE data by digitally combining a project’s POB, BBS, JSAs, Lessons Learnt and more in one place;
  • Collectively see real-time views of safety management anytime, anywhere.
  • Customize user interfaces based on level of need, simplifying the experience for all users; and
  • Have deeper insights into leading and lagging safety indicators with easy-to-understand reporting.

From on-boarding to task preparation and execution to performance measurement, Locstatt not only gives an omniscient view of what’s happening now, it also measures results over time for better predictability.

Locstatt app composition

With Locstatt, owners / operators and contractors have the ability to setup their company's administration exactly the way they currently organize their business. Companies build the backbone of their line of work, transactions, and processes.
They can:

  1. Create departments and job positions.
  2. Register employees.
  3. Input training records and requirements.
  4. Build their own JSA’s.
  5. Audit checklists & Vehicle Inspections.
  6. Hazard Hunts.
  7. Incident Investigations.
  8. HSE Meetings.
  9. BBs Observations.
  10. JSA meetings and Verifications.
  11. Lessons Learned / NCR.
  12. Facility Logbook entries.
  13. Contractor Performance Evaluations.


Historical Timeline


Oil & Gas safety data management challenge identified


Piper Alpha Disaster North Sea

Cullen Inquiry set up in November 1988 to establish the cause of the disaster. The final report made recommendations regarding the operating equipment, personnel, facility design and emergency services.

The net result was the adoption of new regulations that were to make sweeping changes to safety management expectations for both Owners and Contractors.

At this time the key personnel that later formed the current Locstatt management team, were extremely active in the redesign and implementation of the new safety management systems industry wide.


Clearly there was a need to develop a data management system to assist companies in the implementation of these new and enhance safety management systems.


there were notable hurdles to resolving this issue at the time which centered on the lack of suitable technology. Remember these were the days before the introduction of the World Wide Web!!


Design incident & remedial tracking


Design expanded to include BBS and emergency response POB tracking


Design expanded to include audit and training tracking


Design database change for performance enhancement


Design expanded to include ISPS security risk assessment and JSAs


Design of common remedial action tracking


Web Develpment

Development team established with new Flex2 and Air interface for mobile devices

Design of a common system to register and verify ID’s both on and offline.


Incorporation of expanded database to facilitate monitoring of multiple companies working on a single facility.


Design expanded to include registration of passengers on flights (offshore) and the facility log book (onshore)

Locstatt 1.0

Design expanded to include induction services


Design Branding to Locstatt

Design enhancement of a wide variety of company customization such as projects, facilities, locations, departments, regions, job positions, required training and detailed reporting


Design expanded to include lessons learned, non-conformance and performance enhancement


Introduction of enhanced support and help team for site personnel


Locstatt major upgrade to version 2.0


Locstatt 2.0

Introduction of intrinsically safe on-site workstations


Design expanded to include Contractor Performance Evaluation process for Owners


Locstatt major upgrade to version 3.0 Html 5. Workstation iOS, Android and Windows


Design expanded to include Contractor Performance Overview dashboards


Major upgrade of Classroom application to include virtual training platform with mobile student interface for content and testing

Design expanded to include Goal setting and performance dashboards


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  • A Challenge...
  • A Company

Locstatt is a holistic Real-Time Data Integration System for Owner Operator and Contractor health, safety, environmental and security systems (HSSE). Locstatt provides verification of HSSE implementation with resultant data interpretation for focused proactive management.