Remedial Action Planning


Remedial Action Planning As soon as the STOP cards, JSA verifications and Lessons Learned are recorded, they are available for viewing and commenting; creating a means for a two-way conversation between owners and contractors on the events that transpire in the remedial action items. This increases transparency and communication and provides a platform for shared improvements.

Distinctive Characteristics include:
  1. View BBS cards and comments on existing conditional evaluations, which enable a two-way conversation between owners / operators and contractors.
  2. View Lessons Learned in detail. Two-way flow of information or conversations between all relevant parties. Review all lessons learned, filter by status, risk, facility or rating.
  3. JSA Verification. Automatic facilitation of JSA verifications performed in the field. Ability to identify tasks verified, against who performed the verification, score and close out of remedial actions against same observations.
  4. JSA Meeting. View comments and existing operational conditional evaluations on tasks being performed on a facility. The interactive reports facilitate two-way flow of conversations between owner / operators and contractors.