Audits / Checklist

Our audit program allows each company to Create their own list of templates associated with a specific type of evaluation. You can create anything from vehicle inspections to internal or external audits, financial and environmental reports etc. These template evaluations can be performed on mobile devices or on our web version. Each evaluation can be fed back into the Remedial action plan where a transparent workflow allows a clear view of the areas that need improvement. You can add performance ratings, risk status, and comments with photographs to support the evaluations. Our reports section also offers a variety of charts that compare the performance of different companies on specific facilities.

BBS Observations

With Locstatt you can create observations qualifying them as safe or unsafe conditions or acts. Each observation created receives corresponding feedback with the corrective action needed to produce a safe working environment. They are also fed back to our Remedial action plan that allows you to track all the observations made over a period of time. Locstatt classifies the observations made by a level of risk, and works with a system of nominations / winners, that encourages employees to create more BBS reports.

BBS Locstatt Preview

Facility Logbook

Our Facility Logbook component allows you to keep track of the entry and exit of all employees working in specific facilities within the company. Each logbook can be configured to their corresponding required training courses or Houston Area Safety Council courses. You can use android or IOS devices to validate the status of training for each employee entering the workplace. Also required training can be configured to all or specific facilities and gates. This component is a powerful tool to keep the supervisors updated with the training status of all of their employees. With Locstatt you can also configure required training by Job positions and required training for certain industries.

Job Safety Analysis

The Locstatt JSA application provides supervisors with a library of task related hazards, expected mitigation measures and history of previous performance related issues for the set task.

It delivers a predictable process or a series of prompts to the supervisor facilitating the JSA process. At the same time they can quickly see their crews training records or if they have missed any hazards captured while previously performing the same task on multiple facilities.

The system also provides the supervisors and crew with photographs and video aids which typically prompts a different conversation and level of engagement during the JSA meeting – photographs & videos of safe and at risk behavior / conditions or ‘what right looks like’. The results have set a new standard in the industry.

JSA Locstatt Preview


The Training application provides real-time visualization of employee records and owner or task-specific training checks.

Contractors submit a list of their employees and required training matrix definitions against set job positions. Once records are loaded, Locstatt becomes a natural path to demonstrate training compliance, including expiration alerts and management of records.

Typically onsite supervisors find this Training application exceptionally valuable as it also provides an interface to check on Logbook entry requirements and JSA meeting qualifications.

Subscription to the Training application also includes the management of safety meetings which are often used as training opportunities.

Lessons Learned / NCR

The Lessons Learned & Non Conformance Report application tracks and checks for improvement and quality performance in the field. Importantly it also records what worked well. Contractors can systematically analyze all aspects of their safety and operational performance.

All information regarding the execution of a particular job are recorded in the application as part of a performance report which is centralized in the Remedial Action Plan.

JSA Locstatt Preview

Hazard Hunts

Locstatt’s use of mobile technology with Hazard Hunts allows you to keep track of incident prevention by identifying potential hazards in the work place on a daily basis. The purpose of this is to eliminate risk before it results in a near miss, incident or injury with illness. Our control application allows you to add as much or as little detail as required, from a simple photograph to an in-depth description involving the complete job performance. Each Hazard Hunt is then fed back into our remedial action plan where a risk level is determined, and corrective action supplied to prevent a similar or future area of risk. The Locstatt graphical report also allows you to view all Hazard Hunts created over time.

HSE Meetings

Supervisors can use their mobile devices to create safety meetings either weekly, monthly or to whatever their company schedule requires. Each meeting can be enhanced with comments and photographs taken in the field, and records all employees that participate. Our web app allows you to give feed back on each meeting, view reports and get statistics of employee participation covering various departments and facilities.


Locstatt allows the creation of incident reports using mobile devices . You can create an incident adding the following information:

  • chevron_rightDate and time
  • chevron_rightSupervisor
  • chevron_rightFacility and Department
  • chevron_rightIncident Type
  • chevron_rightDescription
  • chevron_rightPhoto gallery (that will support the incident)
  • chevron_rightEmail notifications (for the people you want to involve in the incident monitoring)

After the creation of the incident you can make use of our web app to complete or add information. You also have access to our Remedial action plan to follow up with corrective action to help prevent similar situations happening, and to create an improved work environment. In the Remedial action plan you have a transparent flow of information for all the people involved in the incident. Locstatt also offers plenty of graphical reports for decisions and analysis of the incidents. You can view all the information on various facilities and locations including their departments, incident types, supervisors, corrective action status, incident risk & much more.