Locstatt provides owners / operators and contractors with the ability to setup their company's administration exactly the way they currently organize their business. Companies build the backbone of their line of work, transactions, and processes. They can create departments and job positions, register employees, input training records and requirements, build their own JSAs, audit checklists and video portals etc.

Customized Contractor Management Setup


Manage the system by submitting contact information, creating departments, employee job descriptions, PPE elements, control measures, equipment, gate setting, contractors, projects and any other company customization that will create a smoother workflow.

Distinctive Characteristics include:
  1. Ability for individual owner / operator or contracting companies to customise their company operations, but at the same time, share this data as related to site or facility specific operations.
  2. Transparency between Owners / Operator and Contractors.
  3. Owners / Operators and Contractors have total control of their own information or data.

Logon access control and tracking


Each Locstatt user has unique logon identification and secure information access portfolio. This allows the user to access information in line with job expertise and competency levels, including relevant administrator controls.

Distinctive Characteristics include:
  1. Total control of who has access to any Locstatt application.
  2. Tracking of user’s behavior on Locstatt.
  3. Customized reports on usage and traffic for individual companies.

Remote Registration


Locstatt's Remote Registration capabilities provide the ability for contractor employees to be input into the system using photographic identification and real-time database integrity checks. Once registered, barcode stickers are printed on the spot in different forms to represent ID cards, tally books or T-cards.

Distinctive Characteristics include:
  1. Data integrity with multiple barriers to enhanced security in the creation of individual identifications.
  2. Cross check capabilities for reduction of ID duplicates.
  3. Unique data streaming and flow of information between a site and Locstatt helpdesk. Combination of chat line support, portrait photo, ID photo, company information and database search algorithms.

Owner / Operator interface with Locstatt


This provides the owners or operators with unique capabilities to assess contractor performance with facility specific day to day functions.

Distinctive Characteristics include:
  1. Customised user levels of data management between Owner/Operator and Contractor.
  2. Two way flow of information between the facility or site where operations are being performed and the individual contracting companies.
  3. Aggregation of contractor data for analysis and review.

Helpdesk Support


Distinctive Characteristics include:
  1. Redundancy of helpdesk support functions. This includes chat lines, email, offline notifications and Real Time Support assistance to remote facilities.
  2. Control of individual contracting company data.
  3. Setup control of contractors facilities, departments, locations, employee job positions, training courses, training matrix, and JSAs.

Contractor Forum Management


Distinctive Characteristics include:
  1. Ability to upload any file type to the Locstatt servers with automatic file conversion for data entry into Locstatt systems.
  2. Facilitation for Contractor to maintain ownership of their data at all times. Contractor select who they want to share their data with.
  3. Distribution of Owner / Operator project information to all contractors via a common data platform.

Customised Contractor or Owner / Operator Programming


Distinctive Characteristics include:
  1. Customization of Locstatt applications into open or closed programmer software development kits (SDK).
  2. LocForm is a process that facilitates the development of individual company customization, but at the same time allows Locstatt to reserve the right to integrate these same customizations into Locstatt as a whole or in part where required.

Data Entry


Distinctive Characteristics include:
  1. Unique training system for all Locstatt helpdesk support personnel
  2. Facilitation of all aspects of data entry for Owner / Operator and Contracting companies which allows users to concentrate simply on using the application – not spending resources training personnel onsite to perform this function.
  3. Individual company tracking of all data entries and transparency of data tables and schedules with users.

Basic Subscription Service


Provides real-time visualization of employee records and owner or task-specific training checks. Contractors submit a list of their employees and required internal training matrix definitions against set job positions. Once records are loaded, Locstatt becomes a natural pathway to demonstrate training compliance to an owner, including expiration alerts and management of employee records.

Distinctive Characteristics include:
  1. Remote registration of all employees via live real-time data verification of portrait photograph, government issued identification.
  2. Remote helpdesk support for loading of individual contracting company facilities, departments, locations, job titles, employee characteristics, security data access, training records, expiration alerts and job safety analysis risk matrixes and records.
  3. Individual employee HSSE passport type data tracking and analysis.